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Brings Light into My Life

“Rev. Ojela Frank is the best healing arts teacher I’ve ever had – everything she writes and teaches brings light into my life and makes me a better, more spiritually-aware person. I want to live a conscious life and Ojela gives me the tools I need to do that.”

Carol T., Reiki Master, NY

Your Incredible Gift

“Thank you for your gift of transformation. I am still shifting and healing through the powerful energy created in this session. You are a blessing!”

Jean McDoniels - Ocala Inner Center Ocala Inner Center

Years of Wisdom

“Never have I experienced the amount of energy and wisdom in a practitioner’s hands. Her hands have years of wisdom that penetrate to your very soul. “

Tamara Gold, LMT, AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER INSTRUCTOR Empowered Living Wellness Training Media, LLC

Enjoyed the Workshop

“This workshop was very moving.  My body is relaxed and my mind is still.  Vibrations are flooding me in waves. It truly has been a wonderful experience. I am grateful to have been a part of it.”

Ingrid talks about her AUMAKHUA-KI ® chair session.

Ingrid Smith


Listen to Leah’s comments about her AUMAKHUA-KI ®  Chakra Balancing session.

Aumakhua-Ki™ session for Leah

Hear Fabiola’s comments about a Bodywork session with AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy.


Green healing energy

Massage with AUMAKHUA-KI®. 




About AUMAKHUA-KI ®  Classes with Ojela

“Excellent teacher!  I agree with my daughter.  Ojela Frank is an angel, living on earth who came to teach us how to be better human beings.  God bless you, Ojela!”

     Maria C.

“Thank you for the awesome AK Attunement experience and the time you give to share your gift.”

     Tammy W., AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level 2 Graduate



About REIKI Classes with Ojela Frank, LMT

“I would recommend this course to any practitioner interested in energy healing.”

       Liz S., LMT, Florida 

“Ojela’s classes never fail to be life-changing experiences for me! I am truly blessed to have been led to her on my journey! I recommend her classes to any and everyone desiring spiritual growth!”

     Stephanie B., Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, Florida

“I just thoroughly enjoyed the class and I think Ojela does a fantastic job teaching it.  I actually feel quite blessed about the whole thing.  There’s no other teacher I would want to teach me Reiki.”

      William S., Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, Florida 



About The Art of Spiritual Healing Class at Dominican College:

“Being a grateful recipient of Reverend Frank’s multiple approaches to physical and spiritual healing and being a participant in her healing workshops, I am aware of her knowledge and dedication to holistic healing.”

     Barbara G., RN,   New York



More Comments on Sessions & Classes with Rev. Ojela Frank:

“It was very enlightening.  Her debt of knowledge is truly incredible, and I can’t wait to take another of her courses.”

     Mellody C., LMT, Florida

“I’ve studied many healing techniques under Ojela.  It was obvious only after the first session that she is an authority who has earned the knowledge through experience, complimenting her natural talents as a healer and a teacher.”

     Charles F., New York

“One comes from her with an immeasurable stock of inspirational tools. Ojela is a gem of many facets.”

      Joya F., LMT,   New York

“Ojela is a Master Teacher of the highest quality. She has a deep and abundant understanding of the Spiritual realm as well as a great commitment to her own humanity.  Her life’s purpose has been to grow on all levels; to use that insight to compassionately help others in their journey.  I’m honored to know her as my teacher and my friend.”

    Wendy Jayvanti, LCSW, REIKI Master, Initiation Healing® Instructor, Colorado

“After a few weeks of practicing the unique Initiation Healing® Meditation, I experienced a true and complete parasympathetic state of relaxation within a different brain wave where restoration and healing occurred.  There is no feeling that compares to this.  It is like being in suspended animation—a state of Bliss.  Thank you, Ojela for guiding me into this beautiful journey with my Higher Self.  I am a Yoga Teacher, Qigong Instructor and a Reiki Master.  I love the peaceful and lovable way in which Ojela gives us the tools to reach and maintain the Peace, Happiness and Holiness that from Nature…belong to us.”

     Fabiola Kindt, LMT,  Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher Trainer & AUMAKHUA-KI®  TEACHER 3, Florida

Orbs appear during an Energy Activation session.

Energy Activations

 “My deepest gratitude for the gift of your healing session. The experience touched me deeply in places stored in my soul.”

       Sharon T., New Jersey 

“You’ve “held my hand” now and again and brought me to new ideas and knowingness. Thank you for all the love and healing you’ve given me. I accept it all and, my soul smiles.”

       Carolyn R., New Jersey

“Ojela…the name is synonymous with healing of the highest caliber. The love, warmth and humor she radiates to her classes, students and clients…is refreshing and  uplifting.”

       Susan C., RN, New York  

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It is an honor to be able to receive attunements from you.  I appreciate your thoroughness and how you honor the tradition.  I admire your strength, wisdom and your ability to articulate such profound teachings.”

     Marissa M., LMT, Florida

“Her teaching style leads to growth and healing. My association with Ojela has brought me to the point of greater personal and professional awareness.”

      Rev. Dr. J.D. Dean, Minister, New Jersey

“What has evolved since the workshops (with Ojela) has been truly miraculous!  I have grown as a healing practitioner, enhancing my background as a nurse and a dancer.”

      Connie Stardancer Hanham, L.P.N.   (1989)  New York

“I have experienced many, many teachings on the spiritual path—from Catholicism to Indian Mysticism. I knew by instinct that most of these teachings were true yet they seemed segmented and uncoordinated. However, they all came together when I took a healing course from Rev. Frank. Her global and universal outlook carefully blended them into one meaningful whole.”

      Joe A., New York   (1985)

“It is truly a unique experience to meet someone like Ojela who genuinely cares about helping people. She has shown me the Light and, in my mind, is a spiritual teacher to be remembered.”

      Jeri L., New York


Meditation and Energy Transmisison

“I Think Ojela is a great spiritual teacher.”

     Adrian G., Reiki Practitioner, Florida

 “To sum the “Ojela Experience” up, you do not realize just how much you learned from her, until the day after, when you start to reap the knowledge and worth gained by her guidance and teachings.”

       Tara B., New York

“ I have seen remarkable improvements in the quality of my healing work, as well as, having been greatly assisted in my own personal, spiritual unfoldment. I thank Ojela for her intuitive and inspirational guidance.” (on Crystal TherapeuticsSM  and Reiki classes with Ojela)                   

       Craig S., Polarity Wellness Educator, New York


“Through “Crystal Therapeutics” and association with Ojela and her classes, a new dimension has been added to my growth.”

     Jerry Foray, New York


“Ojela is a truly amazing person in every way. She is patient, kind, supportive & always helpful. Her guidance is always with positive suggestions & helpful advice. She gives +100% in every task she takes on.  I met her + 20 years ago.  I was her student in Reiki II and Reiki Mastership. She was always there for me, answering questions, guiding me along and provided me with so much support. She is a gifted author, having written many books on Reiki, crystals & the healing arts. Ojela is an asset to any task that is before her. I highly recommend her.”

      Rev. Terri McNeely, MSC,  REIKI Master, Florida

     Student, The Holistic Health Works,  (1989 – 1991  NY)


“I have worked with thousands of students and instructors over 25 years. Never have I experienced the amount of energy and wisdom in a practitioner’s hands. Ojela: a world traveler, a truth seeker, spiritual leader, and bodyworker. She is one of the most kind business women I have ever met. Her hands have years of wisdom that penetrate to your very soul. Ojela is truly seeking to share and guide others to relax and open up to their true potential. Listening to her experiences, feeling and understanding her work opens the door to the gift of healing for a lifetime. I highly recommend Ojela’s workshops, meditations, and bodywork. She is full of life experience and one can only grow when utilizing her gift…her work. Thank you Ojela!”

    Tamara Gold, LMT, Soulfueled CEO, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER INSTRUCTOR, Huntley, Illinois


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise so graciously and for being instrumental in our continued growth.  Your sharing has provided additional enlightenment, and we thank you for walking us along your Path of Knowledge.”

     Dr. Joseph H. Gelberman, founder of The New Seminary, New York City, NY 

“I greatly enjoyed our interviews and the very informative material you provided our viewers on the various aspects of healing and crystals.”

     Albrecht A. Heyer, TV host on VIP Cable, New York

“Having participated in several workshops with Ojela Frank over the past two years, I can say that each one has had positive effects.  Thanks, Ojela!”

     Marcella C., New Jersey


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