The ebb and flow…Divine Essence…embodiment.  I learned a new word today, “unicity”…at-ONE-ment with All.

Lots of growth
More changing
An endless adventure called, LIFE.

Living in a body
Knowing that I am MORE,
I journey deeper
Into the unknown.

But not all is revealed to me YET.
I drop away another veil,
As I shed another structure
Like a coat.

Layer by layer
Letting go of
what no longer serves me
I toss away a crutch
That once made me feel safe.

As I strengthen,
I look back and I see
How far I traveled
To this new place…
A new level of consciousness.

A new place to become
What I AM already.

The Light…
I am one with the Light.
It is my guidepost.

I feel expansion
Beyond my physical body
Each time I choose to embrace It.


Beyond body
Beyond mind
Beyond words.

As I raise my thinking
Raise my consciousness
Raise my frequency of expression
I find others having a similar experience.

Ebb and Flow.

We share.
We grow.
We merge
Until all there is…

All is One.

© 2010

About Ojela Frank

Rev. Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, BCTMB has been active in the healing arts for more than forty-five years. She inspires thousands through sessions, seminars and her books. Ojela is Creator of AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation. Ojela’s seminar schedule can be found at http://aumakhua-ki.org
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