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Ola N. Sobanski, B.S., LMT, has certifications for AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1, AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER Practitioner and AUMAKHUA-KI® REMOTE Healing Practitioner. She is also a certified Reiki 2 Practitioner. Ola is available for bodywork, energy healing sessions in Ocala, Florida and AUMAKHUA-KI® Remote Healing sessions by appointment. (#MA80942). Ola is available to teach Introduction to AUMAKHUA-KI® lectures & webinars, AUMAKHUA-KI® LEVEL 1, 2 & 3 workshops in Florida, New York and California. CE’s are available to FL LMTs for some of her classes (#85-6060044).

Ola is compassionate, lighthearted and caring, with a special love for nature and animals. Since the age of eight, she has been riding and has continued to broaden her education with horses. She is a certified Proper Balance Horse Trimmer (PBHT). She incorporates AUMAKHUA-KI® into her sessions to further benefit the horses, as well as their owners. Ola is leading the AK Community with her energy work with horses.

As a Wu Style TaiQi Instructor and SSQ certified Level-3 Qigong instructor and workshop facilitator, Ola loves sharing and teaching these martial arts. She is also certified to teach Qigong Strength Training and Advanced Food Healing. Private and group sessions are available by appointment. Wellness Workshops on Food-Based Healing, Breathwork and Qigong are also available upon request.



AUMAKHUA-KI® Classes with Ola:


AUMAKHUA-KI® TEACHER 1 & 2 Certification Retreats



Introduction to AK Energy Balancing & Meditation    (2  FL CEs)

AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing 1  Classes   (6 FL  CEs)

AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing 2  Classes    (7  FL CEs)

AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing 3  Classes   

CEs available for some of Ola’s workshops.  (#85-6060044)




Ola and AK Level-3 grads.

Ola and AK Level-3 grads.






Phone:  914-844-8811    

Email:   ola@aumakhua-ki.org 

Ola on Facebook:  http://on.fb.me/1sz5fne 



Ola does energy work with horses in Ocala, FL.

Ola does energy work with horses in Ocala, FL.





“I love the work Ola does. About every other month, I call her for a remote session and I can really feel the difference. Every session goes deeper and deeper. I feel refreshed, more energized and clearer. During the last session, I experienced several shifts on a cellular level and felt powerful micro adjustments that improved my posture. It was amazing! I am blessed to have Ola and AK in my life. This work rebalances, rejuvenates and makes me feel emotionally and physically aligned. Thank you!”

Mary Yardley, LMT. Cocoa Beach, FL



“After a long strenuous day of work out in the hot beating sun, I had the pleasure of Ola performing energy work on me.  Feeling exhausted, sore and hot, her impressive abilities left me feeling relaxed and smiling. Certain spots that were exceptionally sore, I could feel heating up until things released and the pain was almost fully gone.  My face that was flushed and very hot before our session was back to normal color and cool.  If one session left me feeling this great, I cannot wait to experience more!”

Phil M., NY, AK Level – 1 Graduate


“I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years, a Reiki practitioner and currently I work at a Chiropractor’s office in South Florida.  Last year, Ola taught AUMAKHUA-KI® Level 1 and Level-2 to me and my family. Ever since then, I have been using this energy modality in my personal life and during my sessions with clients. I’ve always liked exploring all different types of energy and it’s interesting how much faster the clients receive the AK energy compared to the Reiki energy. I am very happy with the positive impact it has made in my life and the people I work with.

Every time Ola gives me an AK session, I feel so rejuvenated and rested. Many sensations of heat and a sort of “bubbling” on a cellular level go through my body. One time in particular, I was very exhausted from working all day and my dog, Chester also wasn’t feeling well. As soon as the session started, he jumped onto the massage table with me. This is not a typical behavior for him. It seemed as if he knew what we were doing and he was attracted to the energy! The night before he had an upset stomach and didn’t eat any food the whole day. During the session, Ola’s hands got very hot in certain areas around my abdomen and lower legs. After the session, I noticed my body feeling free of stiffness and aches. It was a great experience as always. Best part, Chester ate his food with no hesitation that evening. Thank you, Ola!”

Suira Bulla, LMT, AK Level-2 Graduate


“I found myself quickly relaxed and releasing deep-seated anxieties almost immediately. I continued to feel the effects even days later. I am thankful for the balance and peacefulness Ola helped me achieve and I look forward to working with her more on deeper and deeper levels.”

~ Stephanie B., FL


“Mid-August I received three AUMAKHUA-KI® Master level sessions from Ola Sobanski over the course of three days.  After the first session, I could sense that I was processing quite a bit. I was unsettled, almost unable to speak about anything that was going on; I was churned up inside and the process had begun. After the second session, I began to feel better but I was still not settled.  After the third session, everything came in to focus!  I felt as though nothing could disturb my tranquility and even if something did, I was able to handle it calmly.

Each session was over an hour long and unlike any energy healing I have experienced before. I was always in a calm, meditative state. As Ola worked on me, I felt as though I was detached from my body, even though I was fully present and not sleeping. All the unnecessary thoughts stopped and my mind quieted down in order for the energy to go where it needed to and heal. During the sessions, I experienced what I can best describe to be like a quickening of my heart rate; the energy was pulsing and flowing through me. It was calm and soothing, not like a faster heart rate from exercise or panic, the healing energy was able to move through me unobstructed.

Ola has an innate gift for healing. She is intuitive to what is needed and makes you feel at ease immediately.  Having experienced three consecutive sessions, AUMAKHUA-KI® is an extremely powerful healing modality and I look forward to every experience to come!”

~Monika M., NY, AK Level – 1 Graduate


” At first my brain was busy. Then, all the thoughts cleared and I was in a nice quiet space. First there was a sensation of a light color like a cloud that started in my feet and worked throughout my whole body. That’s when everything became very quiet and my breathing became more efficient. My breathing became natural and effortless. All tension was coming out through each breath that I took. It’s as if the energy was guiding it out. The peaceful feeling was associated with the color. I felt connected to peace and thoughtlessness. I was very aware and conscious at the same time–being detached completely from all the craziness. The best part was being connected to the energy and detached from the physical. Before the session I was tense and tired, then after the session I was content and my mind was quiet and still.”

~ Melissa M., FL 


Ola doing AK Energy Balancing session.

Ola doing AK Energy Balancing session.


“Before class, I was feeling foggy and unbalanced. Now after class, I feel grounded and my mind feels focused and clear. I noticed that all of us, connected to the L3 energies faster and on a deeper level. There was a distinct increase in energy present with us today. Ola is a wonderful instructor. She gives everyone the attention and the time to experience the energy, as she guides us through this magnificent practice. Thank you, Ola!” 

~ Suira Bulla, LMT, Coral Springs, FL


“I had my first AK Remote session with Ola this morning and it was amazing! As soon as she began, I felt immediately a powerful energy swirling all throughout my body. I could feel it clearing blockages from certain areas and bringing healing. The energy felt especially beneficial in my stomach area. There was a lot of warmth there, accompanied by a wonderfully soothing feeling of well being and love. As the day progressed, I have continued to feel this energy working on me. I’m feeling extremely grounded, relaxed, focused, and happy. Thank you so much for this, Ola!” 

~ Melissa Kane, LMT, Longwood, FL


“Ola is a powerful and loving spiritual leader. She is extremely passionate in teaching AK. Ola’s open heart and confidence helps to guide other light workers with self healing. Together as Divine instruments, we continue waking up humanity as we share Aumakhua-Ki ®, a blessed modality delivered in our time! ” 

~ Tiffany Bock, LMT, Spiritual Healer

Founder, Bock Energy Healing Arts, Coral Springs, FL


“I sat outside with nature for awhile waiting for Ola to begin her remote energy healing. As I sat there in my chair, I began to root my energy and focus on my breathing. I could definitely feel a difference in my energy field as time went on. I was able to sense the vibration and see the energy waves with my eyes closed. For a moment, I could feel some intense pressure and tightness in a couple areas. Once I remembered to receive and relax, it melted away. I am a mother of four and really gained a sense of well being and peace during this session. This allowed me to be more present for my children. I am still experiencing shifts hours later. Thank you so much! I would definitely do this again.” 

~ Nicole Thole, LMT, Bonifay, FL


“I recently finished a 7 day session with Ola Sobanski.  It was awesome.  I had some balancing that needed done, apparently, and she was able to help.  She gave me specific grounding techniques to help me stay relaxed, focused, and connected to the healing. After each session my body, mind, and spirit felt renewed. Also, I slept so deep after each session and woke up refreshed every morning. It was wonderful and I would recommend Ola to anyone.  She is magical. 🙂  Much love to all.”  

~Bob Ciampaglia, Westminster, MD

Founder, Infinite Light Healing Arts


“Ola came to my farm to do some energy work on my horses. I was more than pleasantly surprised at how quickly there was a positive response from each horse. Within minutes my 6 year old gelding was softening his eye, lowering his head and chewing. This is a high energy horse who has tension through his neck and back. He was soon lowering his head and relaxing his body. Ola was able to connect with him in minutes of beginning the energy session. He mirrored her breathing and was completely calm and relaxed, clearly enjoying the work. Once the session was over, I thought he’d be back to his high headed self, but instead he remained calmly napping for a while. In the following days, he’s been more centered and willing to lower his head and stretch through his back. He’s energy is still high, but he’s more focused on what we’re working on. 

I didn’t think I’d notice any difference in my two year old, as he’s an introspective guy. However, once again Ola connected with him within minutes. He started chewing and breathing a little more deeply. Several times he looked directly at her. Half way through the session he placed his muzzle on my chest and closed his eyes. It was very emotional and was incredible to be with my horse in that way. It’s difficult to put into words what that felt like, besides being a grounding, unifying experience. Something I will not soon forget and I’ve had horses my entire life. After that session, I felt energized and rested. 

Ola also did a session with my two dogs. If I wasn’t there to witness it, I wouldn’t believe their reactions. One of the dogs is a rather nervous guy who doesn’t like to lie down and let strangers touch his sides. In less than 1 minute, he was flat out with his eyes closed and breathing softly. Ola quietly moved her hands over him and the only time he opened his eyes was to see why she stopped. It was truly incredible. This is a dog who will just walk away from people who he has no interest in. I’m truly amazed at this work and would recommend it to anyone who has animals. Thank you Ola!” 

~ J.L., Ocala, FL


“For several hours, I had been experiencing lower back pain, that felt like kidney pain. I was losing energy and wasn’t sure what triggered it. The pain was similar to an inflammation or dull throbbing. I asked Ola, if she thought the energy work she shares could possibly help. She kindly explained, that the energy goes to where it is needed, and she is a conduit, so if I was open and willing, she would be as well. She kindly provided space for healing and gently instructed on how to relax.


At first, I wasn’t sure anything was happening. I didn’t feel any different, except that I could feel heat coming from her hands. Ola  intuitively moved to the area over my liver and kidneys, hovering there for several minutes. Still wondering if anything would help, I began to feel a cool sensation entering the right kidney, as if a pleasant ice-like medicine was being applied and traveling through the capillaries to reduce inflammation. After a few minutes, there was no pain in the right kidney and the left kidney began to feel the cool sensation. I was amazed, since my skin could feel the heat from her hands, but the inside of my kidney area was receiving a necessary soothing, cool down. As the kidney area settled into having no pain, I began feeling discomfort in my liver. We were in silence and she intuitively moved to the liver area, and after a few minutes she had me turn over for further work. I was amazed Ola’s intuition, her hands moved across my abdomen to exactly where I was feeling discomfort and the energy began to relieve the tenderness of my organs.


Once the session was complete, Ola suggested I relax for some time until I was ready to move. I could still feel the energy working, even as she exited the room. I rested for a while and then made my way around. It was later in the evening, so I went to sleep a little while later. I thought I might wake up to the discomfort returning, but it didn’t and hasn’t come back since!  Even though I have no idea how this energy modality works, I know it does. I’m very thankful to Ola for helping me because I was able to enjoy the rest of what was an amazing and beautiful weekend, pain free.” 

~ D. R.,  Coral Springs, FL


Horses are sensitive to AK Energy.

Horses are sensitive to AK Energy.


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