Some Insights About the Chakras

Chakra Energy System


by Tamara Gold

Chakras: they’re not just for new-agey types anymore. Let’s talk about the existence of ‘energetic centers’ within you that define your living experience.

When I was first introduced to Chakras the concept was quite interesting and yet, I could not take the concept seriously enough due to the airy-fairy presentation from most “professionals”. It simply turned me off. Over the years, as I have dived deep into performance psychology, quantum physics, consciousness-based energy medicine and research; I have come to find a beautiful, resounding, belief and truth interwoven in the energetic ecosystem and frequencies of our bodies. From the very cells within our organs and tissues to the frequencies emitted from our Solar System and Stars EVERYTHING and, I mean EVERYTHING, is connected and harmonized through Energy and Frequencies. It is simply the truth of the Universe.

In case you didn’t know, the chakras are an ‘energetic ecosystem’ of 7 energy centers within your body. Each regulates a certain aspect of your life. The idea here is pretty simple: when your chakras (centers that relate to organs) are strong and free, the area of your life they correspond to prospers. (When your system is harmonized–output is optimized.) You feel positive and energized. You perform at your best. Positive ‘coincidences’ happen everywhere around you. And you become a beacon of inspiration to those around you.

But, when chakras are blocked or weak, you and that area of your life…suffer. You face inexplicable roadblocks. And everything seems harder than it should be. To this day, I am still amazed at this connection!

Some people think Chakras are simply an ancient superstitious concept in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Yet, multiple studies by scientific professionals have shown strong proof that:

* Chakras exist, and can be measured using certain tools like an electromyograph.

* People who engage in mind-body-spirit practices like yoga and meditation emit stronger energetic signals from their chakra centers compared to those who don’t.

But, there’s also one other astonishing discovery that comes from studying anatomy of the chakras…you see, science tells us we have nerves coming out of our spinal cords, that control different organs in our bodies. What’s amazing is how neatly these nerve bundles correspond to ancient descriptions of the 7 chakras and their functions. See the chart below. Of course bundles of nerves will emit a frequency. When these centers are experiencing an imbalance…there is a completely awe-inspiring consciousness and physical connection to our life/health/relationships etc.


 Chakra Energy System

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