Sharing Energies

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Sharing Energies 

A philosophy shared at the Florida School of Massage is that being a massage therapist is not about “fixing” others.

Session work is about creating a sacred place for our clients so they feel safe enough to open up to their own healing processes.  A good therapist is attentive, supportive, able to communicate well, and has awareness about his or her clients’ needs.  It takes time to develop these skills.

In Polarity Therapy class, Maura, an instructor, discussed about how our clients are already whole.  It is not our intention to be “putting something in” or, “taking something out” of our clients.

I thought about this idea.  Yes, we all are whole.  We are complete.  For most people though, they are not aware of feeling their wholeness.   Many do not believe it.  They do not know how to discover it.  They may not know how to love themselves.  For most of my life, I was like them.

“We are not putting something in…”  That thought started an internal process of contemplation for me.  How does that thought affect my understanding, for example, of being a Reiki Master?  What does it mean for anyone who does energy activations, tantric empowerments, Shaktipat Initiations or, plays an active role in helping another to awaken?

I became a Reiki practitioner in 1983.  Most of my relationship with Reiki is from the perspective of a Reiki Master.  During Reiki Attunements (Initiations), the Reiki Master may place a hand on the initiate’s head, hold their hands, or do something else that is part of a tradition for awakening energy within the Reiki student.

I shared many types of spiritual initiations with others over the past two and a half decades.  Now, my thinking is shifting.  It is not that I am putting energy into a person.   Rather, I am just aligning with a frequency of  initiation energy and I am  making it available to others.  Some may experience a sense of awakening.  Others may have a different experience.    I had many spiritual initiations, energy activations and awakening experiences that played an integral part of my life—too many to count.  Most were profound because I was open to receive.  I was ready to take my next step in spiritual development.

It is similar for Initiation Healing® Practitioners.    They raise their energy and resonate at a higher frequency.  During their session work, the activating energies are available for the client to feel and experience.  Some clients may find the session relaxing and nothing more.  Others may choose to explore what it feels like to resonate at a higher frequency, learn from the experience and take their next life step in a new direction.

The more we remain open in our lives, the more receptive we become to experiencing miracles, moment by moment, one miracle at a time.

“I am open to receiving miracles and blessings in my life.  It is my Divine birthright. “


© 2010   Excerpted from The Path of Surrender: Life Quest Book III

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