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Rev. Jayvanti & I were on a a Skype® video call yesterday.  Both of us have been working with Energy for decades.  My experience is mostly as a spiritual healer.  Wendy’s experiences are from raising her Kundalini for many years and also as a healing practitioner.  We both KNOW Energy.  We are both Reiki Masters.  I’ve been a Reiki Practitioner since 1983.  What I like about teaching a Reiki class are the energy attunements.  They help people to begin the process of channeling healing energy in their hands.  I still remember my first Reiki Attunement and how powerful it was when Patricia Ewing initiated me.  I took both Reiki levels that same year.  Later in 1983, I met Ethel Lombardi.  (She was also one of the 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Grandmaster Hawayo Takata.) At the time of our meeting, Ethel was the MariEL Channel.  She was no longer teaching Reiki classes.  After I moved to New York, I had the opportunity to attend Ethel’s MariEl classes.  She initated me into the healing energies of MariEl.  As a MariEL Practitioner, my client sessions focused on emotional healing through energy work.  The healing modality of MariEL has it’s own energy symbols.

My friend, Carol became a Reiki Master and she began to receive new energy symbols.  I was inspired to save any images that I drew.  Over the years, I collected some symbols and sketches.  Masters initiated me into other healing therapies that used energy symbols: Kofutu, Shantira and Amanohuna.  I also mentored with metaphysician and author, Dr. Frank Alper.  During my meditations I received images, a symbol and a mantra.  New energy symbols came during my kundalini sessions in 2009.  I began to use them in Initiation Healing®.  More symbols continue to come into my consciousness.  There are now 10 Aumakhua-Ki (TM) energy symbols and a healing mantra.  I can now raise my energy in five minutes with the same results of an hour kundalini session.

After “playing in Energy” for 33 years, I have learned a way to do energy attunements that is very powerful.  All Aumakhua-Ki (TM) Healing classeses (7-levels) include an activating, energy attunement.  In an Aumakhua-Ki (TM) Healing Level-1 class, the attunement AWAKENS the Healer Within!  If someone is new to spiritual healing, they feel the Aumakhua-Ki (TM) energy wave.  It has a calming effect.  Advanced energy practitioners feel an increase of energy in their hands.  Graduates of Aumakhua-Ki (TM) Healing Level-2 feel more heat in their hands when they do energy healing sessions. At this time, I have not taught a Level-3 class yet.  The first one will be in July.  As the Aumakhua-Ki (TM) Healing Channel, I am living in the energies every moment. Energy is the teacher and I am always listening.  It is an interesting experiment–feeling the energy symbols and raising my frequency higher and higher.  “Buzz City” for sure.  It does not matter if the initiate is in the same room with me or, at a distance.  All students can be attuned to the Aumakhua-Ki (TM) Healing frequencies.  Once they are attuned to the Aumakhua-Ki (TM) energy symbol, they can start using it and FEEL the increase of energy in their hands.

The two audio links below are sections from the advanced class that I taught Rev. Jayvanti.  They are less than 4 minutes each and share insights about Aumakhua-Ki (TM) and the powerful energy symbols.

Rev. Jayvanti and Ojela share their experiences with the Aumakhua-Ki™ energy symbols.

AKL2 Comments from Jayvanti


Sending L-2 Symbols After an AUMAKHUA-KI™ Link-Up

Sending L-2 Symbols After an AUMAKHUA-KI™ Link-Up

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Ojela and Jayvanti share AK


(The energy-share session recording was shortened since the long pauses were omitted.)

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