Sedona and the Stars, Moon with a Ring

Spring Moon

Sedona and the Stars, Moon with a Ring

by Ojela Frank


            Starlit path

            Spiritual journey

            Child of God

            Walking in Light

            Becoming Light

            Being a Light


            Keeper of the Flame

            Wisdom of Spirit

            Spiritual wisdom

            Guardian of shared secrets

            Support on the journey

            Guide us well.

            Lover of Love

            Love expression

            Heart opener

            Expanding energy force

            Teach and share with us

            the Love vibration.

            As we sense this…

            We envelop in Love.

            We become Love.

            We are the Love expression

            Sharing this within and without.

            As Love emanates,

            It is happily contagious.

            All are in Spirit expression.

            All are Love.

            All are Light.

            All are Peace.

            We are all consciousness


            and becoming One,

            Becoming Whole.

            We are God.



© 1988.   Excerpted from Advanced Crystal Therapeutics (SM) by Ojela Frank

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