REIKI: Transform Yourself with the Gift of Healing Energies (Part I)

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REIKI: Transform Yourself with the Gift of Healing Energies   (Part I)


The summer of 1982 was the first time that I ever heard of Reiki (rā kē). A friend brought me The Reiki Handbook, by Arnold and Nevius, and I found the book intriguing. I was already practicing bodywork, the “laying on of hands”, Therapeutic Touch and Chromotherapy. Maybe, Reiki should be added to my collection of healing techniques?

In the fall of that year a friend of mine, Carol, traveled to the West Coast and returned as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner. We traded healing sessions and I had an opportunity to experience Reiki for the first time.

Another friend of mine, Brenda, took the First Degree Reiki and gave me a healing session in January when I had the flu.

Now, I was inspired to join my two friends. I signed up for Reiki Master Patricia Ewing’s next class. I found later that, once a person enrolls for the Reiki training, they begin to enter into “the energies of change”.  The energy of Reiki  can be transformational.

An ancient discipline

The first night of the weekend seminar finally came. We had a good-size class of about nineteen students and a few auditors that came to assist.

Patricia is a great storyteller and we all found the story of Reiki to be an amazing adventure. It began in Asia perhaps more than 2,500 years ago. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui who lived in Japan until his passing in 1926.

I envisioned monks in the monasteries during ancient times (like the television series, Kung Fu, with David Carradine). Each step of the way, the initiate had to face a challenge, a test, to show his commitment to his spiritual growth.

Each challenge became progressively more difficult. The initiate would have to incorporate all his previous lessons into a knowledge that would enable him to pass his next challenge at the monastery.

In ancient times, things occurred at a much slower pace than today. Some monks would dedicate several years or, even most of their life, before gaining the knowledge that was equivalent to a Reiki Master.

A modern technique

Today of course, everything happens faster. We have fast food chains, instant cash machines, jets, television, telephones and the internet. When something big happens in the world, most people find out about it within a few minutes. Reiki was rediscovered in modern times to give us a gift that complements these faster times.  It helps us to accelerate our personal growth as we integrate our life experiences.

We are all born with the power to heal. We all can channel healing energy. That is what “laying on of hands” is when we read about it in the Bible and elsewhere. However, there is a difference between the “laying on of hands” and Reiki healing.

Even though the Japanese word, Reiki means “Universal Life Energy Power,” it involves much more. Most participants in a First Degree Reiki seminar (there are 3 degrees in all) receive four energy transferences from the Reiki Master. These powerful spiritual initiations align, activate and focus the Universal Light Energy (a pure healing energy)   in the initiate’s chakras and body.

During the fourth Reiki Attunement, the energy link is completed.  Reiki is available to the initiate for accessing when it is needed for self-healing and helping others.  A wonderful and transformational gift—it will last their lifetime.

When I received my first attunement from Patricia, it felt like I was hit over the head with a hammer. The energy was that intense! The other three attunements were not as powerful.

Since all initiates are at different levels in their spiritual growth, the attunements will affect everyone in a unique way. One attunement will be stronger than the others; this attunement will be different for each initiate. I gave up guessing which one it would be once I became a Reiki Master.

The differences that I noticed in comparisons of healing before and after the Reiki Initiations (remember, I was already doing spiritual healing) were the following:

The energy that I was channeling through my hands became stronger. I no longer had to concentrate and focus on what I was doing. When I placed my hands on my body or someone else’s body, the Reiki was “on” and my hands got activated and hot. When I took my hands off the body, the Reiki was “off” and my hands went back to their normal body temperature.

Lastly, I found out that Reiki was a one-way channel so I would not be “taking on” my client’s conditions. Before Reiki, I would psychically protect myself before each session with my clients so that I would not be affected by what was going on with them. After receiving the Reiki energy transferences from my Master, I was protected.  (Even 29 years later, I can share that I’ve never taken on my client’s energies while giving a Reiki session.  I am usually more energized after the session.)

Focus energy

The Reiki Initiations help healers to “fine tune” their connection with the Universe. One way that I describe the difference to my students is that we are all standing in a beam of light. Some days we are “off center” and are standing out of that beam of light.

When some healers do spiritual healing, they are standing halfway in and halfway out of that beam of light. By receiving the Reiki Initiations, the healer is always standing in that beam of light when they do the Reiki sessions. It is that simple.

Anyone can heal, but not everyone has that perfect alignment with the Universe that the traditional Reiki Initiations bring to us.

After doing the first level of Reiki treatments for three months, I got the opportunity to take my Second Degree Reiki Seminar with Patricia.

Most Reiki graduates feel complete with just the First Degree Training; there is enough instruction taught to begin a healing practice. Those who enter into the Second Degree Reiki are making a deeper commitment to their personal growth.

Please Note: Part II of REIKI: Transform Yourself with the Gift of Healing Energies will follow in another blog post.

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