Forthcoming Books

Publications for 2018:   ebooks

All of Ojela Frank’s published books will be available soon as Kindle®  ebooks!  The publisher is Initiation Healing® .

Crystal Therapeutics (SM): A Practitioner’s Guide to Healing and Mediating with Crystals and Gemstones      (1987 edition, revised)

Advanced Crystal Therapeutics (SM)       (1988 edition, revised)

Life Quest: A Journey into Self       (1990 edition, revised)

The Book of Initiation: Awakening to Soul      (2011 edition, revised)  


New Release in 2018:


Life Quest: Book Two

by Ojela Frank

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The inner journey to personal growth by an intimate sharing on life teachings continues.

Lessons on:  Physical Immortality, Conscious Processing, Animal Medicine, Emotional Patterning, Life Urge vs. Death Urge, God Consciousness, Soul Amplifications, Healing with Affirmations, Loving your life, on being a Reiki Master and the Path of a Bodhisattva.

This is a powerful and emotionally-activating book for the reader.  A Wake Up Call from the Universe!


Revised Edition coming  in late 2018:

 THE HEALING PATH: Reiki, Healing and Initiation 

by Ojela Frank

Part I: The Healing Path of Reiki

Spiritual Lineages of Reiki, My Reiki Story, Entering the Path of Reiki, Reflections on Shoden: First Degree Reiki, Reiki for Self, Sharings from Oku Den: Second Degree Reiki, Healing the Past, The Reiki Precepts, Description of Trainings, Survey Responses from the Global Reiki Community, Healing Stories.

Part II: Path as Healer

The Healing Process, Conscious processing, Client and Healing Environment, Working with Affirmations, Chakra Balancing, Angelic Healing, Healing with Crystals, Emotional Lifesavers and Healing Stories, Going Beyond Reiki by Raising Your Frequency with the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI™  Energy Healing System.

Part III: The Path of Initiation

The Transformational Process of Initiation, Soul Awareness, Soul Amplifications, Initiations, Gradual Awakenings, Guided Imagery, Grounding Techniques, Spiritual Practices.

Appendix:  Resources, Glossary, Client Session Charts, Reiki Practitioner’s Survey

(This book was originally published by The Holistic Health Works in 1995 with the title: The Healing Path of Reiki.  The revised edition will have several new additions.)

Book Reviews for The Healing Path:

“Ojela Frank’s book is on the cutting edge of new thought. I recommend it to healers and lay people alike.”

Tolly Burkan
Founder, Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, Author

“I find The Healing Path to be concise and yet thoroughly complete in its presentation. I highly recommend it to those searching for a path of expression.”

Frank Alper
Author of Exploring Atlantis


More Forthcoming Books by Ojela Frank

Healing with  AUMAKHUA-KI ™: Awakening the Healer Within

Crystal Therapeutics (SM)  Volumes I & II

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