Crystal Therapeutics (SM)

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Crystal Therapeutics (SM)

A Practitioner’s Guide to Healing and
Meditating with Crystals and Gemstones

by Ojela Frank


Crystal Therapeutics℠ is a “hands on” practical book for the beginner to advanced crystal practitioner.

Some topics mentioned in the book are:

Crystal Basics

Spiritual Medicine Chest

Crystal Healing Meditations

Bathing with Crystals

Emotional Releasing

How to Use Dowsing Crystals

Chakra Balancing

Healing modalities using Crystals

Absentee Healing

New Age Resource Guide

The book also includes healing session charts.


8-1/2 x 11″

150 pages paperback

ISBN # 0-9619010-0-4

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Book Reviews:

“I wish I had started with a book like this years ago. Unlike so many other books on crystals that were published during the ‘crystal craze’ of the 1980s, Ojela’s additions to the market are designed for the experiential and empirical methods of learning about crystals. This book lays a solid foundation for learning how to work with quartz crystals and other gemstones.
Rather than placing a central focus on formations of quartz and the properties of other stones, this book gives brief summaries of these topics and directs the reader towards other sources for further reading. This gave the book an air of originality and practicality without repeating the information already available to so many readers. The primary focus in this text is a series of exercises designed to facilitate awareness and connection to the mineral kingdom, proficiency in the therapeutic aspects of working with crystals, and a platform for combining crystals with other modalities.
This is likely to be the very first book to discuss the use of crystals with Reiki, and it is the only book to describe the addition of crystals to Mari-El as well as a number of other healing traditions. There are exercises for absentee healing, emotional releasing, and an in-depth section on crystal baths designed for healing and development.
Ojela’s focus throughout the book was aimed towards building the necessary set of skills for practitioners. To complement this, there are sections on creating a toolkit comprised of the most basic stones for healing, blank forms for use with clients, and a number of diagnostic methods including dowsing and applied kinesiology. For teachers on all matters pertaining to crystals, I recommend this book for its exercises and group meditations. It is a fantastic journey through the world of crystals without the typical redundancy found in many books written during this era. I’m looking forward to future editions.”
Nicholas Pearson  Book Reviewer on  (5.0 out of 5 stars Ahead of its time, May 18, 2012)
“Each book is “a practitioner’s guide to healing and meditating with crystals and gemstones.”  These are some of the best workbooks for the general public.  Frank’s incisive instructions are clear and very easy to follow, her descriptions of the many forms of quartz crystals lucid.  Clearing crystals, programming them, meditating, bathing, the chakras and healing modalities.”
Bookreader,   Feb 1989
“Ojela Frank’s book, Crystal Therapeutics is exactly what it says it is:  “a practical guide to healing and meditating with crystals and gemstones”.  For the beginner, it is a step-by-step introduction to understanding the harmony among Nature, the mineral kingdom, the invisible, and ourselves.  For the initiated, it is a generous gift of meditations and exercises.  For the educator, it is a structured manual which can be used by both teacher and student.”
Gregor Capodieci, Metaphysician

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