Advanced Crystal Therapeutics (SM)


Advanced Crystal Therapeutics (SM)

by Ojela Frank

This is a helpful guide for people interested in meditation.

Included in the book:

Personal Color Meditations
Gemstone Elixir Formulas
Techniques for Channeling Your Higher Self
Advanced Healing Work
Advanced Crystal Healing Meditations
Sphere Work
Spiritual Cleansing & Releasing
Color Healing
Healing Do’s and Don’ts
A Resource Guide to New Age Centers

Also included in this book are:

Weddings and Ceremonies for Loving Relationships:

A New Age Christening
Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony
Memorial Service
How to Do a House Blessing

Foreword by Dr. Frank Alper

8-1/2 x 11″

255 Pages Paperback

ISBN # 0-9619010-1-2

$18.95           (Almost Sold Out!)

This book was originally published by The Holistic Health Works (NY).  We now have a very limited quantity of the remaining stock.

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Book Reviews:

“Illustrations. Advanced Crystal Therapeutics (SM) particularily for those active in meditation, is about forms of channeling, healing meditations, guidelines for reaching a Higher Power.  In back of this book is a helpful resource guide for schools and programs.  “There is no separateness.  There is only expansion.  Anything else is illusion.”  Very thorough information.  Each step on the way is presented as a simple recipe for liberation.”
Bookreader,   Feb 1989
“I highly recommend Ojela as an author and energy worker. Her book, “Advanced Crystal Therapeutics” is full of amazingly practical information for using crystals and stones. Although the book was written many years ago, it is still relevant today and, as a crystal therapy instructor, I find myself recommending it often as a resource to my students and clients.”
Ashley Leavy, Founder & Educational Director of the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine
“This book is a treasure trove of unique and emerging ideas for working with our friends in the mineral kingdom. Largely full of little vignettes on stones new to the author’s experience and ceremonies to support and affirm all areas of life, this book contains work that is unique. I gather that it is an extension of Ms. Frank’s first book, Crystal Therapeutics, the branch of healing with crystals that she has co-created.
While there is some very joyful and wonderful stuff to experience in this book, not having read the former volume in the series, I feel I cannot fully do the scope of the system justice. A lot of it seems incomplete or disjointed, though my assumption in merely that I should procure the first in the series in order to better understand it all. Further, I do think that some of what is presented could be better used if part of an even larger work, i.e. expanding those sections that introduce new stones in order to include even more stones, or similar adjustments made to the rest.
Overall, the caliber of the finished product is that of many self-published works, albeit this was published with the intention of being a manual for use in Frank’s classes.”
Nicholas Pearson   Book Reviewer on   4.0 out of 5 stars Lots of techniques that would be great developed further or presented cohesively, October 25, 2008 – on


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