Life Quest: A Journey into Self



Life Quest:  A Journey into Self

by Ojela Frank

This is a story of a woman’s personal journey into discovery of Soul.

LIFE QUEST intimately shares life teachings that occurred while exploring many avenues of adventure:

Native American teachings, Rebirthing, meeting with the healers from the Philippines, receiving a Shaktipat Initiation, swimming with the dolphins and becoming a Reiki Master.

Each journal entry offers many lessons about awakening into consciousness. Each step of the way, the author gives the reader opportunities to reflect and consider how these teachings can be integrated to bring Self-enlightenment.

“Consciousness is an ongoing, evolving process; it never ceases.”

Some topics shared to assist your spiritual growth into awakening are:

Working with Affirmations
Soul Awareness
Life Urge vs. Death Urge
Healing the Past
Emotional Bonding
Conscious Processing
and Physical Immortality

5-1/2 x 8-1/2
288 pages paperback

ISBN# 0-9619010-2-0

This book was originally published by The Holistic Health Works (NY).  We now have a limited quantity of the remaining stock.

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Book Reviews on Life Quest:

“A courageous journey to consciousness.  The reader becomes an armchair adventurer into the inner world.  Reading Life Quest may well inspire the reader to take more chances in pursuit of personal growth.’
Leading Edge Review
“One woman’s journey into depth provides a powerful guiding light into our dark places, shows us how we are free to be and to Be.”
Book Reader
“I loved it!  I couldn’t put it down!! It pulled together for me all aspects of my spiritual life.  A masterpiece of work— well done!
Carol Traynor, Reiki Master
“I received your book Saturday and couldn’t put it down!  I finished it by Sunday.”
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