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Book of Initiation CD cover

These audio recordings contain instructions for Level One practice sessions—the First 21-Day Energy Meditation Cycle.

The Level One Meditation Album includes: Building an Energy Foundation, Kundalini Awakening, Soul Meditations, Creating an Energy Grid and Healing, Soul Energy Attunement, and advanced meditations.

Some of the sessions include how to do a Self-Attunement and Long-Distance Healing. There are 21 daily meditations plus bonus tracks.

Level One Meditations are just the beginning for learning how to journey into Soul Consciousness. It is the “foundation stone” for advancing to the more powerful energetic and activating Energy Meditation Levels Two and Three.

 Music by Karma Moffett.

 (Meditations will be available in MP3 files and as audio CDs.)

 Available in 2016.

 CD cover design  © 2010 by Richard Wehrman.

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