Practitioner and Client Testimonials

AUMAKHUA-KI (TM) Testimonials from Practitioners & Clients

L-3 Aumakhua-Ki (TM) chair session

L-3 Aumakhua-Ki (TM) chair session


A Note from AUMAKHUA-KI™ Channel Ojela Frank:

Here is a summary of what clients, AUMAKHUA-KI™ practitioners & their clients have shared over the past few months about the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy experience.  After 33 years of doing energy healing (including 30 years of Reiki sessions), I am witnessing & hearing phenomenal expressions about what many are experiencing with the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Frequencies!


Comments during or following AUMAKHUA-KI™ Healing sessions:

(Mostly AUMAKHUA-KI™ Level-2 sessions, unless listed otherwise)


CHAIR sessions

“I felt 2 bolts of energy shoot through my body.  It also seemed like I was sinking into the chair.”  (30-min. AK chair session)

    Energy Practitioner


“I felt energy shoot down to my foot.  After 2 years of numbness in my foot, I could feel 4 toes again.  I also felt jolts in my body.”  (15-min. session)

I. S.


“The pain is gone!  You have the hands of an Angel.”

K. M.


TABLE sessions:

“I could feel my heart chakra lifting up from my body.  At one point during the session, it felt like I was levitating off the table!”  (bodywork with AUMAKHUA-KI™ Level-4.)

F. K.


“I just walked across the room and I feel lighter.”  (After her 60-minute AK session.)

A. R.


“I don’t feel the same as when I came in here.”  (Dramatic energy shift after a 90-minute AUMAKHUA-KI™ Chakra Healing session.)

L. D.


“I was wondering who was touching my right foot so I opened my eyes and both of your hands were on my left foot.  It felt like there were 3 hands on my body.”

Ingrid S.


“During a massage session, I was doing AUMAKHUA-KI™ on a client’s back.  She asked me, ’Are you using Hot Stones on my back?’ ”

Fabiola K., LMT,  certified Level-2 AUMAKHUA-KI™ Practitioner


Meditating on the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Symbols or activating & using the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Symbols for Healing:

“It’s extremely easy to access (the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy).  All you have to do is ‘bring in’ the symbol and it is right there. When you ‘bring in’ the symbol, it creates a vortex of that particular energy.  What happens is that it gets more specialized, the #2 Symbol.  The last symbol (#3)…brings it into the Universe, so to speak. You can feel that intensely when you use it.  It activates every fiber in the body.  It connects you to the Divine Energy. You feel like you are One with the Divine Energy and that happened pretty readily.  AUMAKHUA-KI™ is a very, powerful meditation tool, as well as, a tool for enhancing the spiritual body.”

    Rev. Wendy Jayvanti, a Level-2 AUMAKHUA-KI™ Healing Graduate

“The client was an advanced Energy Practitioner.  My intuition guided me to do an AUMAKHUA-KI™ chair session without touching her. After I did a 3rd  Degree Link-Up & activated the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Symbols in my palm chakras, I held my hands 4” from her spine while transmitting an energy flow for about 7 minutes.  At the end of the chair session, I gave the client a few minutes to assimilate the healing energies.  Her friend and I watched in silence as she went through powerful cycles of emotional release.  I’ve never witnessed anything like that in 33 years of doing energy healing!”

    Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, creator of the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy Healing System


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