Our New Meetup Name & AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Reflections


More and more Energy Healers from the Southeast are joining our Meetup® group. We’ve changed the Meetup® name from Central Florida New Age Network to:


Here is the URL to our meetup:


This year, I will be offering more webinars & teleseminars.  Classes are no longer limited to people living in Ocala or visitors to north-central FL. AUMAKHUA-KI ™ healing classes Levels 1-3 are now available as live, interactive SKYPE®  video classes***.

I am currently offering classes 1:1 by appointment for those who want to receive their AUMAKHUA-KI ™ healing attunements in person.  Out-of-State students can verify that the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Attunements are powerful even, from a distance! All AK Level-3 webinar graduates are anticipating their next step, AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-4 which will be available in February!

Winter will be a time for me to reflect on the first year of  AUMAKHUA-KI ™.  This new, powerful energy healing system is changing lives! Many are awakening to a stronger connection with the Healer Within and Higher Self. Simple AK chair sessions using AUMAKHUA-KI ™ healing frequencies are manifesting amazing results.  I’ve been involved with energy healing since 1980 and what I am witnessing and, what is occurring with many of the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ graduates, is absolutely amazing! Many clients are having profound experiences as they feel the AK energies.  Even after doing Reiki sessions for 30 years, I can honestly say that there is nothing that compares with AUMAKHUA-KI ™.  In the first year, I gave AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Attunements to six Reiki Masters. All of them shared they can feel the power of this new healing frequency.  Those who were initiated into AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Levels-2 or above, share that the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Symbols are more powerful than Reiki Symbols. We are experiencing more energetic activity in our hands (more heat, pulsations).  One of Fabiola’s clients thought she was using hot stones during the massage session.  No stones.  Just the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Symbols!

Advanced AKers learn how to raise their frequency to a higher level at each course in the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Healing System. It is fun demonstrating  AUMAKHUA-KI ™ with sensitive energy healers. All can feel a difference in the AK Energy as I share AK Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Master frequencies with them. As they experience each level, they are aware of their energy resonating at a higher frequency.

During the first year of AUMAKHUA-KI ™, I was aware of 10 AK Energy Symbols and a healing mantra.  This week, I channeled AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Symbol #11.  As I use the new AK Symbol and say its healing mantra, I am shown new ways to do healing. Always learning.  Always listening.  Always exploring.

A new Level-1 AK graduate shared that her massage sessions are transformed. After Victoria received her AKL-1 Attunement, she became an Empath. It is exciting to hear this yet, I am not surprised. AUMAKHUA-KI ™ empowers us to KNOW our Higher Self. I am looking forward to sharing the highest practitioner course, Level-4 this winter. It includes a Soul QiEmpowerment session.  The other new courses that I am creating for the year are the Master courses: AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER and AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER Teacher.  It is time to empower others who are committed to using AUMAKHUA-KI ™ in their daily lives. They will learn how to teach Levels-1 & 2 workshops and do the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Attunements.

AUMAKHUA-KI ™ is an awakening experience.  It is my intention to support the growth of this powerful healing modality by initiating many AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER Teachers.

To learn more about the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Healing System, click HERE.

Blessings for your family in 2014.


Creator of the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Healing System

*** Please note:   By end of summer, the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-1 will become a pre-recorded online course.  Only advanced levels of AUMAKHUA-KI ™ will be available as live, interactive SKYPE®  video classes.

About Ojela Frank

Rev. Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, BCTMB has been active in the healing arts for more than forty-five years. She inspires thousands through sessions, seminars and her books. Ojela is Creator of AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation. Ojela’s seminar schedule can be found at http://aumakhua-ki.org
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