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REIKI Classes and Sessions in Ocala, Florida 


Reiki I graduates.
Students doing Reiki Mental-Emotional healings.
Reiki group session.
Reiki I Class.
Group healing session at Reiki I class.
Group healing session.
Group session in Reiki I class.
Reiki I session.
Reiki II session.
Group healing sessions in Reiki I class.
Healing hands (Reiki I: 12/9/12)
Reiki I Class in 2011.
Reiki II Practitioners.
Group sessions in Reiki I class.
Mental-Emotional healing sessions in Reiki II class.

+30 Years Experience with REIKI 


Note:  Classes are forming for Reiki I and Reiki II with certified Reiki Master Ojela Frank. Call to be placed on the Waiting Lists for Reiki classes in Central Florida.  Or, host a Reiki class in your area.


REIKI  LEVEL – I:  First Degree Level   (Shoden)

In a FIRST DEGREE class, each student will receive training in the Usui System of REIKI Healing.  This first level includes: the history of REIKI, basic hand positions for self-balancing and complete instruction in session work for others.  You will learn ways to use Reiki in your life.

Each student receives FOUR (4)  REIKI Attunements from the REIKI Master to assist in activating and aligning the energy centers in the body.  Class time is provided for students to begin doing Reiki on themselves and others.  Certificate awarded upon completion.  Second Degree Practitioners’ Training is available to graduates of this level.   (There is no prerequisite for this class.  Some of the Reiki I classes offer CEs for FL LMTs.  Call for details.)

Must pre-register for the class.

REIKI  LEVEL – I     (First Degree REIKI):  Two days or four nights.

Fee:    $100 pre-paid 30 days before class date.     $150 paid less than 30 days prior to class date.

Reiki Group Healing Session


REIKI Practitioners Share about Ojela’s Classes:    

“I would recommend this course to any practitioner interested in energy healing.”
      Liz S., LMT 
 “Excellent class!!  I can’t wait to come back for the Reiki II.  Thank you, Ojela!”
      Elizabeth D., LMT
“Words cannot describe what I’ve experienced this weekend.  It has been one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had.”
  “I cannot tell you enough how much your class has inspired and helped me!  Thank you so much.”
     Debbie, R.N.
“Thank you so much for sharing so much knowledge and blessings! “
“I feel confident with what I have learned to go out and share some of what you have carefully and masterfully gathered and cherished.  Thank you! “
     Margaret-Ann, LMT 
“Great class.  Learned about energy, Reiki, inner peace and balance.  I feel rejuvenated.  Thank you, Ojela! “
“I just thoroughly enjoyed the class and I think Ojela does a fantastic job teaching it.  I actually feel quite blessed about the whole thing.  There’s no other teacher I would want to teach me Reiki.”
     William S.
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It is an honor to be able to receive attunements from you.  I appreciate your thoroughness and how you honor the tradition.  I admire your strength, wisdom and your ability to articulate such profound teachings.” 
     Marissa, LMT 
“Great class.  Thank you.  I feel so great! “
“Ojela’s classes never fail to be life-changing experiences for me!  I am truly blessed to have been led to her on my journey!  I recommend her classes to any and everyone desiring spiritual growth!” 
     Stephanie B.,  Second Degree REIKI Practitioner  


Reiki II group session

REIKI  LEVEL – II:  Second Degree Level   (Okuden)

In a SECOND DEGREE REIKI class, each student will learn the Second Degree REIKI energy symbols, methods for doing mental/emotional healings and absentee healing techniques.  Each student will also receive 1 (one) REIKI Attunement from the Reiki Master to elevate, align and focus the power of the symbols into both hands.  Certificate awarded upon completion.

Prerequisite:  First Degree REIKI for three months or, permission of the teacher.  (Practitioners who trained with other REIKI Masters will need to send a copy of their First Degree Reiki certificate.)  Many graduates of this level of training notice an increase in the healing energies they channel for themselves or share with others.

Must pre-register for the class.

Second Degree REIKI:  Three evenings or a weekend training course.  

Fee:    $200 pre-paid 30 days before class date.     $250 paid less than 30 days prior to class date.


                                    A Note from Ojela Frank:

“I am teaching more AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Healing workshops and fewer Reiki classes. The AUMAKHUA-KI ™ energy symbols are very powerful!  I have taught several Reiki Masters who also acknowledge the higher frequencies of AK when they received their AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Attunements. AUMAKHUA-KI ™  Attunements open the healing channel and they facilitate a deeper connection with Higher Self.  Since I became an  AUMAKHUA-KI™ Channel, my hands get hotter doing energy healing!  All  AUMAKHUA-KI ™  Practitioners share that they can feel upper chakra activation when doing the AK sessions.

For more information about AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Healing visit: .”  


Other Reiki Masters Share Their Comments About AUMAKHUA-KI ™:

“This is absolutely the most enlightening and energizing experience I have found in energy healing.”
Morgana Moonraven, FL, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER, certified   AUMAKHUA-KI ™ II INSTRUCTOR, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ LEVEL-4 Practitioner, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer


“So powerful!  AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Levels 1 & 2 were amazing, but AK Level-3 blew me away! Thank you for sharing the beautiful healing modality with all of us.”
Cheryl Taylor, LMT, FL, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER, certified   AUMAKHUA-KI ™ II INSTRUCTOR, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ LEVEL-4 Practitioner, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer


“As a Reiki Master I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Healing.”
“During a massage session, I was doing AUMAKHUA-KI ™ on a client’s back.  She asked me, ’ Are you using Hot Stones on my back?’ “
“I could feel my heart chakra lifting up from my body.  At one point during the session, it felt like I was levitating off the table!”  (bodywork with AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-4.)
Fabiola Kindt, LMT, FL, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ MASTER, certified   AUMAKHUA-KI ™ II INSTRUCTOR, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™ LEVEL-4 Practitioner, Reiki Master, Qigong Instructor


“Powerful, energetic healing system.  Great for self-healing and others. Higher frequency than other healing systems.”  (Her experiences after an AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Attunement class and an AK Chair session)
Laura Painter, LMT, FL,  Reiki Master, certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor


 “A male client shared: It felt as if a hand was on his forehead, along with his chest (my hands were on his chest). He also received a jolt to his right side, and his right foot. WOW! That worked fast and just for ten minutes!”
 “A female client shared:  She felt the energy go completely from the head to solar plexus in seconds.  She also had a release to her back and hips. Again, only a 10-minute session.”
Rev. Linda Rose, NY, AUMAKHUA-KI ™ LEVEL-3 Graduate, Reiki Master


Meditating on the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Symbols, Activating & Using the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy Symbols for Healing:
“It’s extremely easy to access (the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy). All you have to do is ‘bring in’ the symbol and it is right there. When you ‘bring in’ the symbol, it creates a vortex of that particular energy. What happens is that it gets more specialized, the #2 Symbol. The last symbol (#3)…brings it into the Universe, so to speak. You can feel that intensely when you use it. It activates every fiber in the body. It connects you to the Divine Energy. You feel like you are One with the Divine Energy and that happened pretty readily. AUMAKHUA-KI ™ is a very, powerful meditation tool, as well as, a tool for enhancing the spiritual body.”
Rev. Wendy Jayvanti, CO, AUMAKHUA-KI ™ LEVEL-4 Graduate and Reiki Master





An Audio Testimonial About AUMAKHUA-KI ™: 

Ingrid talks about AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Healing and Reiki.




Click HERE for details about Ojela’s Reiki sessions in FL and long distance.


REIKI  LEVEL – III:  Third Degree REIKI    (Shinpiden)

REIKI MASTER Apprenticeship Program

The Reiki Master Program is ON-GOING. It includes the traditional REIKI Master Attunement and comprehensive instruction on how to teach REIKI Level I, II & III courses. Complete details are shared on how to do all levels of Reiki Initiations. Instruction is 1:1 or, in  small Reiki Master group classes to accelerate the learning process. Reiki Master Candidates may also assist in teaching the Reiki classes. Master training includes live local classes and also some teacher coaching sessions via video webinars for distant students.

Reiki Master Course Fees:

$1,500 US Dollars  (for non-Reiki Masters and Reiki Masters not in Ojela’s Reiki Lineages)
$800 US Dollars  (for certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™  I  INSTRUCTORS but are not Reiki Masters or Reiki Practitioners.)
$500 US Dollars  (for current Reiki Masters (not in Ojela’s Reiki lineages) who are actively teaching Reiki classes and are also a certified AUMAKHUA-KI ™  I  INSTRUCTORS or above.)

Class fees include Reiki Attunements for Levels I, II & III (Master), three levels of teacher manuals, complete instruction in how to do Reiki Attunements for 3 levels, permission to distribute Reiki class workbooks to students. (All Reiki books are copyrighted by Ojela Frank.)

The advanced Reiki student is required to have a deeper commitment to sharing Reiki with others at a Teacher level. This training is currently being offered as an Apprenticeship with Ojela Frank, LMT. A Reiki Master Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of training. Second Degree REIKI Practitioners may apply for the apprenticeship by completing a REIKI Master Candidate Application. They can also schedule an interview with REIKI Master Ojela Frank (for an in-person meeting or via a Skype video call).

Rev. Frank has taught many students over the years who studied with other Reiki Masters. Reiki is for everyone — from 4 years old to Ojela’s grandmother who was initiated at 103 years old. Rev. Frank has trained and initiated several students as Reiki Masters. She is also available to travel to your home to give you 1:1 Reiki Master training. Candidates are required to be a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner for at least 6 – 12 months or have permission of the Reiki Master.

“Ojela is a truly amazing person in every way. She is patient, kind, supportive & always helpful. Her guidance is always with positive suggestions & helpful advice. She gives +100% in every task she takes on.  I met her +20 years ago.  I was her student in Reiki II and Reiki Mastership. She was always there for me, answering questions, guiding me along and provided me with so much support. She is a gifted author, having written many books on Reiki, crystals & the healing arts. Ojela is an asset to any task that is before her. I highly recommend her.”
Rev. Terri McNeely, MSC,  REIKI Master, Florida   –  Student, The Holistic Health Works,  (1989 – 1991  NY)



To request a REIKI Master Candidate Application, please call 352.239.9272 or send an email to: Please include your name, phone number and mailing address.

Ojela writes about life as a REIKI Master in her books:  Life Quest: A Journey into Self, The Healing Path: Healing, Initiation and Reiki,  and  Dancing into Consciousness.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending our REIKI classes. We are also available to offer REIKI classes in your area if you would like to host us. For more information, please contact our office by calling: 352.239.9272   Or, send us an email:

Reiki kanji

REIKI (Ray.key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki, when activated and used for purposes of healing, balances the body, mind and spirit. This energy radiates from the hands of a REIKI PRACTITIONER. The Usui System of Natural Healing was developed from ancient teachings. Reiki is not a religion; it is a natural healing method. Reiki is not taught as ordinary knowledge. Reiki must be transmitted by an exact process of Attunement from a Reiki Master to the student. When the healing power is activated, it will last a lifetime. Once the student receives Reiki Attunements, the method of using Reiki is taught by instruction, demonstration and practice sessions in the class room. Reiki is just as alive today as it was during ancient times.

Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal on all levels of one’s being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  A Reiki session is usually done with the client’s clothes on, as Reiki will go through cloth, blankets and even plaster casts.  The amount of energy drawn through the Reiki practitioner’s hands is determined by the needs of the person receiving it. When a Reiki practitioner places hands on a client’s body, the Reiki turns “on”; remove the hands, the Reiki turns “off”.

Reiki may relieve pain and acute problems, but clients with chronic illnesses usually receive several sessions.  Reiki helps to heal the cause and eliminate the effect.  The Gift of Reiki can be used with other philosophies and healing techniques that you may now be practicing.

Ojela and Phyllis

Ojela and Phyllis (Montreal — 1995)

Ojela was first initiated into the Usui Method of Reiki Healing in 1983 by Reiki Master Patricia (Bowling) Ewing. (Patricia is one of only 22 Masters taught by Reiki Grandmaster, Hawayo Takata.) Six years later, Ojela was ready to receive her final degree qualifying her to teach Reiki to others. Ojela received her Master’s certification from Reiki Master Rev. Ruth Tishler in 1989. While attending an international symposium for Reiki Masters in 1991, Ojela also received a Reiki Master Attunement from Reiki Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furumoto  (Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter).


We also offer a Work/Study Program for those who need assistance with tuition.  Write to us for details:

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