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Energy Orbs and Other Interesting Things

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Comments about Images on the Energy Photos web page:

Photos on the Energy Orb page were photographed with a Nikon Coolpix S8100.  Most photos are from 2008 to current year.

Ojela & Orb at Level - I Class

Ojela & Orb at Level – I Class

Aura photos were taken with an iPhone 4S.  The phone app is called Aura Photography.  It is available as an app for iPhone or iPod Touch.  It costs about $2.00.  You can purchase it at the store.

Rowdy with a blue aura

Rowdy with a blue aura

The footprints photos were taken with a Canon SLR camera.  Qigong Instructor Doug Roosevelt did a qigong breath exercise.  When Doug got up from his seat, the footprints were on the floor!  I asked him if he was sweating during the meditation.  He said, “No.”  The footprints occurred twice that day for Doug at the Qi Revolution event in Orlando, Florida (2011).  It never happened to him before.

Please note:  Click on any of the photos to see them enlarged.  You can right-click your computer mouse button to save the photo as a .jpg file on your computer. The link located at the bottom of the enlarged photo will bring you to the next enlarged photo.  The link above the photo will bring you to the full Energy Orb photo page.


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