Feeling Energy and Awakening

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Feeling Energy

My Energy Experiences 

My introduction to initiation energies began with my first Reiki attunement in 1983. My friend, Brenda was excited about a Reiki Master coming to teach energy healing classes in her home.  As part of her enthusiasm, she painted the “initiation room” purple. There were three of us sitting together in the initiation room. Patricia, the Reiki Master, did an attunement on each of us. I remember how sacred the energy in the room felt.  She created a prayer altar with photos of masters from her Reiki lineage—Usui, Hayashi and Takata.  The altar also had photos of some saints, including Babaji, an immortal yogi from India.  I felt like I was in a church or a temple.  We were in a healing space.

Patricia gave each of us the first of four energy attunements.  At some point during my first Reiki Attunement, I felt like someone hit my head with a hammer—a cosmic crack…a cosmic awakening.  I knew something had transpired but I could not put it into words.  It was a strong feeling—a sense that I would change…be transformed…forever.

Students were given an opportunity to practice doing Reiki sessions throughout the weekend. There were four or five Reiki practitioners at each massage table. Each client was immersed in the loving Light energies. Even though I was used to channeling healing energy through my hands from doing “laying on of hands” in church groups, I could feel an increase of intensity in my hands. It was because I felt a difference in the energy levels that I chose to continue my studies with Reiki. The energy channeling through me increased at each level of Reiki attunements.

After my Second Degree Reiki attunement, I began to meditate more frequently. I sat with masters, gurus and life teachers who initiated me into the energies from their sacred paths. Then, it came…my first of many experiences of Initiations by Spirit. Awakenings–energy activations happened to me without a physical teacher.

A year later, I transitioned from giving private instruction to teaching classes with more students—Therapeutic Touch Meditation, The Art of Spiritual Healing and a seven-level training program called, Crystal Therapeutics SM. I also channeled information on how to do energy activations. These became known as crystal healing attunements.

In 1989, I received my Reiki Master attunement from Master Ruth Tishler. She taught me how to do initiations for all three levels of Reiki. Now, I could experience a deeper relationship with Reiki. As part of my preparation for Reiki Master, I decided to meditate for three hours on why I wanted to become a master in this ancient healing art. I recalled my First and Second Degree Reiki attunements during the first hour. My hands became warm just thinking about the attunements that I received from Patricia. I loved Reiki and I wanted more of it in my life. The second hour was about sharing it with others. The third hour was a deeper contemplation for me about my relationship with Reiki. I thought about what it meant to me.  I had the thought, “What if I didn’t have any students?”  Would I still “do Reiki?” I answered, “Yes, I would still be able to share it with clients during session work.” Next, I thought. “What if I didn’t have any clients?  Would I still want Reiki?” My answer was “Yes. I still wanted Reiki in my life. I can do Reiki on myself every day.”  It was then, that I knew, I was ready to become a Reiki Master.

I loved doing Reiki attunements with my students, creating a sacred space and feeling the energies during the spiritual initiations. The experiences taught me a deeper level of understanding, feeling and working with energy. I could feel an expansion of high energy in the sacred space. In 1991, I received a Reiki Master attunement from Reiki Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto (Grand Master Hawayo Takata’s granddaughter). I felt another buzz…another growth spurt.  Growing…it is all about softening, opening and evolving.

Moving forward…

The Year of 2009 was a Year of Awakening for me—a year of renewal. I explored the upper chakra activations, deeper meditation practices and the ancient healing art of qigong. I had the opportunity to study Supreme Science Qigong.  Two thousand people were all doing qigong together on their yoga mats! It was a remarkable sight! My experiences at the Qi Revolution 4-day event moved me so much that I became a Level III Facilitator so I could also share the trainings. I also did three months of intense energy meditation practices in the summer. I learned how to do Self-Attunements from my Soul, Oversoul and Monad. I also learned how to raise my Kundalini on a daily basis.

Next, I attended massage school, which grounded all the energy work that I experienced throughout my life. I can feel energy channeling through me in a bodywork session, like never before. This is especially the case, when doing Connective Tissue Therapy. My hands become wands of Light as the client’s tight fascia softens to the surrender of relaxation.  My consciousness moves to my hands as the energy shows me the way. Yes, I remember my massage teachers’ instructions, but it is intuition that takes over and guides me.

I am a student of the Light.  I am here to learn, to grow and to remember that I am also a part of the Light. Each time I do self-healing on myself, or I facilitate another’s healing process, I grow. It is another step along the Sacred Path of Remembering that there is only Light and that I choose to draw closer to it until I reach the point that there is only LIGHT.

An Update:

While exploring three months of energy meditations in 2009, I received spiritual downloads of energy symbols and insights on how to use them. Another symbol came to me the following year. I worked with the symbols for a few years—learning creative ways to use them for helping myself and others. Two days before 12/21/12, I received another energy symbol while working with a client during a Reiki session. In January 2013, I received several more energy symbols. Each AUMAKHUA-KI® Symbol has a form (yantra), a name (mantra) and a frequency that is powerfully activating with its own unique purpose. AUMAKHUA-KI® began to take form—a new energy healing system to accompany our planet’s elevation to a higher dimension.

The name, AUMAKHUA-KI® came to me in 2009. Aumakhua or Khua represents Higher Self and Ki means, Universal Life Energy. After doing Reiki sessions for more than 30 years, my hands are hotter since I received the AUMAKHUA-KI® Energies. As of today, I have attuned several AK Teachers into the energies of AUMAKHUA-KI®. A few AUMAKHUA-KI® graduates, who are also Reiki Masters, confirmed that the AUMAKHUA-KI® symbols are very, powerful. Over the years, I studied a few healing modalities that use energy symbols for healing: Reiki, MariEl, Kofutu, Shantira and Amanohuna. The 15 AK Energy symbols & Master Mantra that are used in AUMAKHUA-KI® are powerful and activating—more than I have experienced in other healing arts. I learn from the AUMAKHUA-KI® energy daily about healing and how to continue raising my vibration to higher frequencies in meditation practices.

Advanced AK classes include energetic AUMAKHUA-KI® symbol applications for raising a person’s frequency several levels to attain higher streams of consciousness. Advanced practitioners learn how to do powerful AUMAKHUA-KI® energy practices for building their “Bridge of Light” that increases awareness of knowing Higher Self. Since I awakened to the AK Energy, I have deeper communion with Divine Source. The AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 3 graduates (and above) learn how to do SoulQi ™ sessions & empowerments, Upper Chakra Energy Activations, Multi-dimensional Healing and AUMAKHUA-KI® Lightbody Matrix Activations. By experiencing higher frequencies from attunements and energy activations, the initiate gains a greater understanding of Ascension Consciousness.

The AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing System

AUMAKHUA-KI® accelerates a heightened state of awareness and increases a person’s capacity to channel more healing energy. All workshops and webinars include an AUMAKHUA-KI® Attunement, complete instruction in AK symbol application(s), experiential, energetic exercises, a class workbook and a Workshop Certificate of Completion. AKEH is an extensive energy system with 3 AUMAKHUA-KI ® Practitioner levels, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER, AUMAKHUA-KI  ® Teachers (3 levels) and, for the most advanced levels, AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER Instructors (4 levels) and AUMAKHUA-KI ® GRAND MASTER .

“Raise Your Frequency with AUMAKHUA-KI®.”

(Read details about the AUMAKHUA-KI® Certification Program, at:  www.AUMAKHUA-KI.org.)

© 1995, 2010, 2015  by Ojela Frank.  Some excerpts from  The Healing Path: Healing, Initiation and Reiki.

About Ojela Frank

Rev. Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, BCTMB has been active in the healing arts for more than forty-five years. She inspires thousands through sessions, seminars and her books. Ojela is Creator of AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation. Ojela’s seminar schedule can be found at http://aumakhua-ki.org
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