Experiencing AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Levels 1 & 2

L-2 Aumakhua-Ki (TM)  Chakra Session

L-2 Aumakhua-Ki (TM)
Chakra Session

“As a Reiki Master I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Healing.

I realized the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ symbols and mantras are ALIVE.  Their energy and vibrations are much stronger.  The energy symbols move tri-dimensionally from within towards the cosmos and back. Their vibrations are supreme–several times stronger than Reiki.

Ojela Frank has really linked into the highest vibrations of the Universe.

After my Level-1 & Level-2 initiations, the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ symbols danced inside my hands.

The energy activated my chakras strongly, bringing extreme heat into my entire body. While saying the AUMAKHUA-KI ™ mantras, my brain buzzed like it was being rewired and altering my state of consciousness.

I believe the energies of AUMAKHUA-KI ™ accelerate the depths of any healing meditation.  It is geared specifically to an instant awakening of the inner healer through energetic transmission from Guru (Ojela) to the Natural Healer within each of us.

Energy and consciousness manifest together. AUMAKHUA-KI ™ facilitates an opening to live simultaneously from both the internal and external worlds (dimensions).

AUMAKHUA-KI ™ is a paradoxical experience.  The frequency of this Energy brings you to a place where there is no inner or outer, material or spiritual, subject or object—no separation.  With AUMAKHUA-KI ™ you directly experience your Divine potential by connecting with your higher energy, the Life force, the Holy Spirit, the “here and now” and, in the presence of the external Master, you gain access to the Guru within.

When Ojela enters into deep meditative states of awareness, she manifests a huge energetic transmission for those receptive. Her Supreme energy field radiates and expands to everyone present, initiating an inner healing transformation with a deep, binding connection to Divine energy.”

Fabiola Kindt, LMT

AUMAKHUA-KI™ Level-3 Graduate, certified AUMAKHUA-KI™ Practitioner, certified Reiki Master, certified Yoga Trainer, Qigong Instructor, Kundalini Practitioner

About Fabiola

Fabiola Kindt, LMT is an AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER 3, a certified AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER Practitioner, Reiki Master, certified Yoga Trainer, Qigong Instructor and Kundalini Practitioner. She offers classes in yoga and meditation. She is a certified Level-2 Qigong Instructor (SSQC). Fabiola is also a certified Initiation Healing® Meditation Instructor.
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