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Bridge of Light Activation

Bridge of Light Activation

Ojela 11_14_11 energy orb at lecture


Energy Orbs appear when Fabiola gives an Energy Activation.
Orbs during Energy Activations.
Orbs after Initiation Healing® class.
Ojela speaking at Kundalini Weekend.
Orbs during Energy Activations.
Advanced Energy Activation & Orb.
Orbs in auric field after Advanced Energy Activation.
Orb in aura.
Brilliant Energy Orb in Aura.
Orbs appear during an advanced Energy Activation.
Orbs during an Advanced Energy Activation.
Ojela & Orbs during Kundalini weekend.
Ojela and a large Energy Orb at 11/14/11 lecture.
Orb after Energy Activations.
Orb after energy class.


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