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Energy Balancing & Meditation


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AumaKhua-Ki® can be done with “hands on” or “hands off”. Licensed Massage Therapists do “hands-on” AK Energy Balancing sessions.


EARN AND LEARN: HOST AumaKhua-Ki® workshops at your home or healing center. We are planning our Class calendars now. Call or email our office to learn more details.


Ola, Tamara, KahThorun, Ojela, Cheryl & Leslie   (2016)

Here is a list of certified AumaKhua-Ki® Instructors that teach AumaKhua-Ki® classes. See our TEACHERS page for more details about our AK WEBINARS & WORKSHOPS. The following teachers offer AumaKhua-Ki ® workshops at locations listed below:


AumaKhua-Ki® INSTRUCTOR 1 & INSTRUCTOR 2 Certification workshops

Tamara Gold, LMT:  Chicago, IL – 773-771-1875  Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin & MIDWEST and south Florida.  (CEs)

Leslie Heinricher, LMT:  Orlando and Gainesville, FL – 321-652-3693  (CEs)

Ola Sobanski, LMT:  Florida, New York & California – 914-844-8811  (CEs)

Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson: Hendersonville, Asheville, North Carolina – 828-774-9209

Cheryl Taylor, LMT:  Central Florida  – 407-625-9719  (CEs)


AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing  1, 2 & 3 workshops

Felicia Medlock Blair, LMT: Crystal River, Tampa, Central FL  AND North Carolina– 352-795-1300  (no CEs). Felicia also offers introductory AK lectures every month.

Tamara Gold, LMT:  Huntley, IL   Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin, the MIDWEST, south Florida, international retreats AND AK L-1, AK L-2 & AK L-3 live webinars (no CEs for online courses).   (CEs for L-1, L-2  & L-3 workshops).    773-771-1875

Leslie Heinricher, LMT:  Orlando and Gainesville, FL AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).   (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   321-652-3693

Fabiola Kindt, LMT:  Central FL & MEXICO   (English & Espanola)  (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   407-319-4442

Ola Sobanski, LMT:  Florida, New, California  AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).  (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   914-844-8811

Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson:  Hendersonville, Asheville, North Carolina AND AK L-1, AK L-2 & AK L-3 live webinars (no CEs for online courses).    828-774-9209

Cheryl Taylor, LMT:  Central Florida AND AK L-1, AK L-2 & AK L-3 live webinars (no CEs for online courses).   (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).  407-625-9719

Angie ZXUH: Crystal Lake, IL (Chicago suburbs) Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin & MIDWEST. 815-236-9806.  (no CEs). Angie often teaches with Tamara Gold.



WEBINARS – online classes & National Workshops

Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, international retreats and some CE workshops; advanced AumaKhua-Ki® classes; AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER certifications & WEBINARS  – 352-239-9272.  Offering ALL AumaKhua-Ki ® course levels and advanced energy work & remote healing & energy activations. (No CEs for webinars.)

***Offer Continuing Education (CEs for LMTs) at some workshops. No CEs for webinars.



CLICK HERE to read more about our AumaKhua-Ki®  Teachers.


Energy Practitioners & Instructors Wanted!

Are you a Leader? We are looking for Social Butterflies, Energy Healers, Meditation & Yoga Instructors, Reiki Masters, Tai Chi & Qigong Instructors and licensed Massage Therapists, who want to learn and teach AumaKhua-Ki® Classes in their area. Check out the AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master and INSTRUCTOR courses. Click HERE for more details.


Local and WEB Sessions  with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT, BCTMB


Private Classes & Sessions are pre-paid and scheduled at least 1 – 2 weeks in advance of date(s). CALL for details: 352-239-9272.

(Massage, Energy Healing and Distant sessions are also offered most weekdays. See SESSIONS page. Private classes [all levels] local & webinars by appointment. )

CEs are available at some of the AumaKhua-Ki® classes. All events require PRE-REGISTRATION by Phone or Online. Write for more details: . LMTs can also find Ojela Frank’s CE courses at (FL Board of Massage Therapy Approved Provder: #50-14398:  AumaKhua-Ki ® International. Ojela Frank is a NCBTMB Approved Provider  (#657).

Approved Provider Logo final paths

CLICK HERE to read more about the AumaKhua-Ki ® Certification Programs. 




Web chat sessions with Ojela and AumaKhua-Ki® Teachers.
Beaming AumaKhua-Ki® Level 1 frequency.
Fabiola Kindt, LMT doing an AumaKhua-Ki® table session
LMTs doing a "Hands-On" AK Session.
AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHERS - 2014
René wearing AumaKhua-Ki® Meditation Pendant.


Experience the BLISS Frequency with AumaKhua-Ki ® 


Click Here to read about the WEB classes.


MONTHLY:  Distant Learning Courses are Available.

AumaKhua-Ki® WEBINARS From the Comfort of Your Home

AumaKhua-Ki® LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4 and AK Energy Master Webinars: Each course includes an activating AumaKhua-Ki® Attunement. (You can study one level or all the webinars. No CEs for webinars.)  Registration by Phone:  352-239-9272  






HOST AumaKhua-Ki® workshops at your home or healing center. We are planning our Class calendars now. Call or email our office to learn more details.  Phone:   352.239.9272                   



 Sharings About AUMAUKHUA-KI ® 


AumaKhua-Ki® can be done with hands on or hands off. LMTs do “hands-on” AK Energy Balancing sessions.




“This class was a huge addition to my tool belt.  I am so excited that not only is it a powerful healing method; it is also a bridge to complete awareness to oneself through the power of the Divine.  I have been a Reiki Master for 15 years now, and I cannot believe the light energy that is beaming out of my hands since taking the level 1 and 2 AumaKhua-Ki ® Healing training with Ojela Frank. Ojela Frank is an Amazing Angelic Teacher and a Wise Soul of Light.  I am eternally grateful for this AK experience and more to come. Thank you.”

  Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson,

AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1 & certified AumaKhua-Ki®  Energy Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Workshop Facilitator


So powerful!  AumaKhua-Ki® Levels 1 & 2 were amazing, but AK Level-3 blew me away!  Thank you for sharing this beautiful healing modality with all of us.”

   Cheryl Taylor, LMT, AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner,  Reiki Master, Crystal Healer


“As a Reiki Master I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AumaKhua-Ki® Healing.”

“During a massage session, I was doing AumaKhua-Ki® on a client’s back. She asked me, ’Are you using Hot Stones on my back?’ “

“I could feel my heart chakra lifting up from my body.  At one point during the session, it felt like I was levitating off the table!”  (bodywork with AumaKhua-Ki® Level-4.)

   Fabiola Kindt, LMT, AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER 3, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner,  Reiki Master, Yoga Trainer



I love the power of AumaKhua-Ki®. The energy is powerful and every single one of my distance sessions had amazing feedback.” 

“The AumaKhua-Ki® Energy is powerful. I feel my hands vibrating as I send to you an AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Symbol.  My hands feel like hot coals!”

“AK energy was so powerful this morning! My body started vibrating and I felt as if I were a human tuning fork. I was in the middle of studying and wondering why my body was resonating so deeply. Then, I picked up my phone to check emails and, of course, it was the AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy!!! Thank you for your commitment to sending the AK Energy weekly to the graduates. I tap in and embrace its wisdom and appreciate all that it does for me.”

   Tamara Gold, LMT,

AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner & Remote Healer & AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Activator, Educator, Entrepreneur, Creator of YIN-Energize (TM)    


“Powerful, energetic healing system.  Great for self-healing and others.  Higher frequency than other healing systems.”

  Laura Painter, LMT, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, AumaKhua-Ki® LEVEL-2 Graduate


“Whether you are just curious or you are an experienced energy healing practitioner, you will absolutely love AK Energy Balancing & Meditation. I’ve been an energy practitioner since 1980. The energy I feel while doing AumaKhua-Ki ® Healing or AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Meditation sessions is very powerful. When I raise my energy to higher frequencies with the AumaKhua-Ki® Symbols, I am aware of my upper chakras being activated. My hands get hotter doing this energy work. AumaKhua-Ki® is comforting and very relaxing. I am also aware of a shift inside my head like all the neurological pathways are lit up inside my brain. I’ve been working with the AumaKhua-Ki® frequencies since 2009. The energy is powerful! Even my Reiki sessions are better.”


“The client was an advanced energy practitioner and a teacher. I was guided to do an AumaKhua-Ki® chair session without touching her.  After I raised my energy to the AumaKhua-Ki ® Level-3 frequency, I held my hands 4 inches from her spine while transmitting an AK Energy flow for about 7 minutes.  At the end of the chair session, I gave the client a few minutes to assimilate the healing energies. Her friend and I watched in silence as she went through powerful cycles of emotional release.  I never witnessed anything like that in 36 years of doing energy work!”

   Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, founder of AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing and Meditation


CLICK HERE for  more TESTIMONIALS about AumaKhua-Ki ®.


*** Ojela Frank and Tamara Gold are approved CE Providers NCBTMB. (Ojela Frank #657 and Tamara Gold #981). AumaKhua-Ki ® International is an approved FL Board of Massage Therapy CE Provider. (#50-14398). There are CEs for FL LMTs at some workshops with: Ojela Frank  #85-3311266, Tamara Neubauer Gold #85-5149531, Ola Sobanski #85-6060044, Fabiola Kindt #85-6030172, Cheryl Taylor #85-4853849 and Leslie Heinricher #85-4715467.

Class Policies:

Register by calling instructor’s phone number or clicking on link to teacher’s Event Registration page.
Registration Deadlines: Most classes offer registration before the event date. Early registration is recommended. Some class spaces are limited.
Cancellation & Refund: Teachers have their own cancellation and refund policy. See their event page descriptions for details. Event payments are not usually refunded. Payment may be credited towards another class with the same teacher.


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