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EARN AND LEARN: HOST AumaKhua-Ki® workshops at your home or healing center. We are planning our Class calendars now. Call or email our office to learn more details.


Ola, Tamara, KahThorun, Ojela, Cheryl & Leslie   (2016)

Here is a list of certified AumaKhua-Ki® Instructors who are also qualified to teach AumaKhua-Ki® classes. See our TEACHERS page for more details about our AK WEBINARS & WORKSHOPS. The following teachers offer AumaKhua-Ki ® workshops at locations listed below:


AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER 1 & TEACHER 2 Certification workshops

Tamara Gold, LMT:  Chicago, IL – 773-771-1875  Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin & MIDWEST and south Florida.  (CEs)

Leslie Heinricher, LMT:  Orlando and Gainesville, FL – 321-652-3693  (CEs)

Ola Sobanski, LMT:  Florida, New York & California – 914-844-8811  (CEs)

Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson: Black Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina and Maine – 828-774-9209

Cheryl Taylor, LMT:  Central Florida  – 407-625-9719  (CEs)


AUMAKHUA-KI® LEVEL  1, 2 & 3 workshops

Tamara Gold, LMT:  Huntley, IL   Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin, the MIDWEST, south Florida, international retreats AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).   (CEs for L-1, L-2  & L-3 workshops).    773-771-1875

Leslie Heinricher, LMT:  Orlando and Gainesville, FL AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).   (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   321-652-3693

Fabiola Kindt, LMT:  Central FL & MEXICO   (English & Espanola)  (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   407-319-4442

Ola Sobanski, LMT:  Florida, New, California  AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).  (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).   914-844-8811

Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson: Black Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina and AK L-1 L-2 live webinars.  (no CEs).   828-774-9209

Cheryl Taylor, LMT:  Central Florida  AND AK L-1 & AK L-2 live webinars (no CEs).  (CEs for L-1 & L-2 workshops).  407-625-9719


AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing 1 & 2 workshops

Felicia Medlock Blair, LMT: Crystal River, Tampa, Central FL  AND North Carolina– 352-795-1300  (no CEs). Felicia also offers introductory AK lectures every month.

Angie ZXUH: Crystal Lake, IL (NW suburbs of Chicago) Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin & MIDWEST. 815-236-9806.  (no CEs). Angie often teaches with Tamara Gold.


Introduction to AK Energy Balancing & Meditation – Lectures & Webinars

Margie Nichols, LMT, MS  (Morgana): Wildwood, FL  & Central Florida – 352-603-0033. By appointment.  (no CEs).


WEBINARS – online classes & National Workshops

Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, international retreats and some CE workshops; advanced AumaKhua-Ki® classes; AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER certifications & WEBINARS  – 352-239-9272.  Offering ALL AumaKhua-Ki ® course levels and advanced energy work.

***Offer Continuing Education (CEs for LMTs) at some workshops. No CEs for webinars.



CLICK HERE to read more about our AumaKhua-Ki®  Teachers.


Energy Practitioners & Teachers Wanted!

Are you a Leader? We are looking for Social Butterflies, Energy Healers, Meditation & Yoga Instructors, Reiki Masters, Tai Chi & Qigong Instructors and licensed Massage Therapists, who want to learn and teach AumaKhua-Ki® Classes in their area. Check out the AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master and TEACHER courses. Click HERE for more details.


Local and WEB Sessions  with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT, BCTMB


Private Classes & Sessions are pre-paid and scheduled at least 1 – 2 weeks in advance of date(s). CALL for details: 352-239-9272.

(Massage, Energy Healing and Distant sessions are also offered most weekdays. See SESSIONS page. Private classes [all levels] local & webinars by appointment. )

CEs are available at some of the AumaKhua-Ki® classes. All events require PRE-REGISTRATION by Phone or Online. Write for more details: . LMTs can also find Ojela Frank’s CE courses at (FL Board of Massage Therapy Approved Provder: #50-14398:  AumaKhua-Ki ® International.  Ojela Frank is a NCBTMB Approved Provider  (#657).

Approved Provider Logo final paths

CLICK HERE to read more about the AumaKhua-Ki ® Certification Programs. 




LMTs doing a "Hands-On" AK Session.
AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHERS - 2014
Web chat sessions with Ojela and AumaKhua-Ki® Teachers.
Fabiola Kindt, LMT doing an AumaKhua-Ki® table session
René wearing AumaKhua-Ki® Meditation Pendant.
Beaming AumaKhua-Ki® Level 1 frequency.


Experience the BLISS Frequency with AumaKhua-Ki ® 


Click Here to read about the WEB classes.


MONTHLY:  Distant Learning Courses are Available.

AumaKhua-Ki® WEBINARS From the Comfort of Your Home

AumaKhua-Ki® LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4 and AK Energy Master Webinars: Each course includes an activating AumaKhua-Ki® Attunement. (You can study one level or all the webinars.)  Registration by Phone:  352-239-9272  






HOST AumaKhua-Ki® workshops at your home or healing center. We are planning our Class calendars now. Call or email our office to learn more details.  Phone:   352.239.9272                   



 Sharings About AUMAUKHUA-KI ® 




“This class was a huge addition to my tool belt.  I am so excited that not only is it a powerful healing method; it is also a bridge to complete awareness to oneself through the power of the Divine.  I have been a Reiki Master for 15 years now, and I cannot believe the light energy that is beaming out of my hands since taking the level 1 and 2 AumaKhua-Ki ® Healing training with Ojela Frank. Ojela Frank is an Amazing Angelic Teacher and a Wise Soul of Light.  I am eternally grateful for this AK experience and more to come. Thank you.”

  Kahthorun DreamWyiver Syverson,

AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1 & certified AumaKhua-Ki®  Energy Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Workshop Facilitator


So powerful!  AumaKhua-Ki® Levels 1 & 2 were amazing, but AK Level-3 blew me away!  Thank you for sharing this beautiful healing modality with all of us.”

   Cheryl Taylor, LMT, AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner,  Reiki Master, Crystal Healer


“As a Reiki Master I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AumaKhua-Ki® Healing.”

“During a massage session, I was doing AumaKhua-Ki® on a client’s back. She asked me, ’Are you using Hot Stones on my back?’ “

“I could feel my heart chakra lifting up from my body.  At one point during the session, it felt like I was levitating off the table!”  (bodywork with AumaKhua-Ki® Level-4.)

   Fabiola Kindt, LMT, AumaKhua-Ki® TEACHER 3, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner,  Reiki Master, Yoga Trainer



I love the power of AumaKhua-Ki®. The energy is powerful and every single one of my distance sessions had amazing feedback.” 

“The AumaKhua-Ki® Energy is powerful. I feel my hands vibrating as I send to you an AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Symbol.  My hands feel like hot coals!”

“AK energy was so powerful this morning! My body started vibrating and I felt as if I were a human tuning fork. I was in the middle of studying and wondering why my body was resonating so deeply. Then, I picked up my phone to check emails and, of course, it was the AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy!!! Thank you for your commitment to sending the AK Energy weekly to the graduates. I tap in and embrace its wisdom and appreciate all that it does for me.”

   Tamara Gold, LMT,

AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER INSTRUCTOR 1, certified AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner & Remote Healer,  Educator,  Entrepreneur    


“Powerful, energetic healing system.  Great for self-healing and others.  Higher frequency than other healing systems.”

  Laura Painter, LMT, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, AumaKhua-Ki® LEVEL-2 Graduate


“Whether you are just curious or you are an experienced energy healing practitioner, you will absolutely love AK Energy Balancing & Meditation. I’ve been an energy practitioner since 1980. The energy I feel while doing AumaKhua-Ki ® Healing or AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Meditation sessions is very powerful. When I raise my energy to higher frequencies with the AumaKhua-Ki® Symbols, I am aware of my upper chakras being activated. My hands get hotter doing this energy work. AumaKhua-Ki® is comforting and very relaxing. I am also aware of a shift inside my head like all the neurological pathways are lit up inside my brain. I’ve been working with the AumaKhua-Ki® frequencies since 2009. The energy is powerful! Even my Reiki sessions are better.”


“The client was an advanced energy practitioner and a teacher. I was guided to do an AumaKhua-Ki® chair session without touching her.  After I raised my energy to the AumaKhua-Ki ® Level-3 frequency, I held my hands 4 inches from her spine while transmitting an AK Energy flow for about 7 minutes.  At the end of the chair session, I gave the client a few minutes to assimilate the healing energies. Her friend and I watched in silence as she went through powerful cycles of emotional release.  I never witnessed anything like that in 36 years of doing energy work!”

   Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, Creator AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing and Meditation


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Class Policies:
Register by calling instructor’s phone number or clicking on link to teacher’s event page.
Registration Deadlines: Most classes offer registration before event date. Early registration is recommended. Some class spaces are limited.
Cancellation & Refund: Teachers have their own cancellation and refund policy. See their event page descriptions for details.



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