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Ojela doing energy chair sessions at a class.  (2012)


Thinking about the AK Energy sampler (chair) session that I did yesterday, reminds me of why AK Energy Balancing & Meditation is unique and so special. What have I gained from the energy sessions I started in summer of 2009? Two answers for starts: How to elevate my energy to higher resonances and Energy Awareness—as it relates to energy assessments & interactions with others when paying attention and sensing energetic flow patterns. No one (in physical form) taught me these in a class. It came from sitting and doing energy meditations. Each 21-day round, took me to a higher state of consciousness with more Light moving through my body. During the month of January 2013, I received several AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy symbols & mantras. Each day, the energy coming out of my hands grew stronger. (By that time, I was already doing Reiki for almost 30 years.) What was different was that I was learning how to live at a higher frequency when using the AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy.

There are currently 18 AumaKhua-Ki ® symbols & 19 mantras. Advanced AumaKhua-Ki® energy practitioners can raise their energy to several higher resonances. The key is learning to listen. As an AumaKhua-Ki ® Grand Master, I can resonate and help others to raise their energy to fifteen (15) levels using the AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy symbols. One of our lessons as advanced AumaKhua-Ki ® instructors is to only resonate & beam AK energy at a level that clients and students are comfortable with during the session. A cue: When the client is not assimilating the energy, because it is becoming too much for them; the practitioner can feel the energy building up and not going to the person they are sending energy to. This is the case for local, in-person sessions and, also, for AK remote sessions (long distance). It usually occurs at the higher frequencies. Most people are able to integrate the AK energy for Level 1 and Level 2. Others can handle the higher levels if they “ground” their energy throughout the session. Most are not used to experiencing what it feels like to resonate at higher and higher frequencies. A great way to experience that sensation is to have an AK energy sampler session.


Session with Jackie:

Pre-session: I taught Jackie how to “ground” her energy. Next, I tuned in to sense her energy flow pattern so I was aware of how it felt before an AK chair session. After I began to resonate the AK Level 1 frequency, I paid attention to how Jackie was integrating the energy. There are two parts to AK Level 2, so I did them one at a time. She was integrating the energy nicely. When I sent her the resonance of AK Level 3, it began to build up, become denser—as an intense energy flow. She spent a few minutes grounding her energy. Once I had felt the buildup of the AK energy, I moved a few feet behind her and beamed the AK Level 4 energy from a distance.. I could feel her energy field softening and expanding so I moved a few more feet back. As she integrated the higher frequency, I elevated my resonance to AK Master Level and beamed the AumaKhua-Ki ® Light energy to her. After a few more minutes, I did a post-session energy reading. Before AK, Jackie had an excessive amount of energy at her head area—lots of mental energy from an overactive mind and possibly some stress. The energy was strong and somewhat dense. After her AK energy sampler (chair session), Jackie’s energy field was expanded. Her resonance was lighter, softer, with an all-over balanced energy flow. The intense mental energy was gone. After the session, Jackie said that she felt more relaxed and peaceful.

Most of the time, my ‘teacher’ in AumaKhua-Ki ®, is the Energy. Paying attention and learning to listen to the energetic cues and intuitive guidance comes with practice. It comes quickly with many AumaKhua-Ki ® graduates. Living at a higher frequency gives us many opportunities to accelerate our growth process. AumaKhua-Ki ® is a gift for spiritual evolution.


Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT

founder of AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation


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